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Online music lessons:

For enthusiasts in music, we offer online training courses of musical instruments. One can tailor the type of instrument he loves to learn. We have professionals from various backgrounds to...


Special Coaching For Malayalam / Hindi / Arabic

To prepare students to read, write and speak their regional language effectively in one year ...


Live Dance lessons

A course that prepares the student to perform classical & other dance forms on a stage, Where the computer screen is connected to the television screen so ...


Coaching for competitive exams

We also offer our students coaching for competitive exams, which makes them groomed to the question pattern that is likely to appear in the exam. Teachers with us have a lot of...


Online Counseling Courses

We provide professional and confidential counselling services to children aged above 13. Our counsellors can effectively tackle problems associated ...



We also specialize in advanced English modules, where the students are taught to speak and write flawless English. We keep the international grades...

are you a student / parent

We care for your kids like you do

Are you worried about your kid’s increasing burden when it comes to studies? Are you lacking time help them with their homework’s, assignments etc.?

are you a student / parent

Internet always has solutions

With the great connectivity web offers today, you can find hundreds of websites offering online tuition. We start separate from the rest.

Why Ariv ?

Online Tuition

We redefine online education with clear, goal-oriented teaching methodologies. When you trust Ariv Online Tuition to get yourself imbibed with the desired course of education, we offer you state of the art education with a scientific approach. A perfect study of student psychology comes to play here, and we complement the online classes with worksheets, home works and revision lessons. Direct interaction of the teacher makes it possible for the students to clear all shades of ambiguity from their mind.