Before we move further, let us have a close look at the subjects that are taught online in Ariv Online Tuition.

Online tuition for primary classes, National curriculum, CBSE and ICSE board examinations

The students can choose the subjects according to their requirements and urgency. We offer courses on all subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. According to your class, you can optimise the needs.

Languages like Malayalam, Hindi and Arabic:

There are students who need training in regional languages. When they avail the courses, they will be able to read, write and speak these languages with clarity and confidence. Our faculty brings them solid learning.

Online music lessons

For enthusiasts in music, we offer online training courses of musical instruments. One can tailor the type of instrument he loves to learn. We have professionals from various backgrounds to suit the needs of the students. At the end of the course, the student will be deft enough to perform on stage.

Online dance classes

The students can have a good look at the movements by connecting the computer to the television screen. We bring you some of the best faculty when it comes to dance classes.

The students are trained to perform live on stage. This is exactly what they need to accomplish.

Coaching for competitive exams

We also offer our students coaching for competitive exams, which makes them groomed to the question pattern that is likely to appear in the exam. Teachers with us have a lot of specific experience in this domain and assure you success.

Online counselling courses

Counselling is a part and parcel of education now. A student with obsessed mind cannot concentrate in the lessons. We offer counselling lessons for students above 13 years of age. Professionals indulged in offering counselling are experts with a proven track record.


We also specialize in advanced English modules, where the students are taught to speak and write flawless English. We keep the international grades of education in mind while delivering the courses.